Salary survey

About service

Get real insights into salaries and compensation plans in your industry for budgeting, planning, and managing employee turnover. What is included in the service;

  • We  provide an overview of the level of remuneration and compensation packages in the pool of companies you are interested in.
  • We comment on the labour market situation in a particular region.
  •  We will help justify the need for changes to other participants in the decision-making process.

The overview for each position includes:

Statistically processed data on employee salaries in three sections:

  • Fixed monthly salary (gross)
  • Bonus scheme \ additional remuniration
  • Total monthly income (gross)

Informational brief, which may describe the employee’s available compensation package, KPI’s, work schedule or other aspects of interest to the client.

Labour market surveys can help you:

  • Budget your payroll;
  • Control staff turnover;
  • Compare your salary level with the market;
  • Develop a package of benefits and incentives;
  • Analyze salary levels in the regions;
  • Discuss remuneration levels with employees in a reasoned way;
  • Find new ways to motivate your staff;
  • Strengthen your HR brand.

For more information, please contact us.

Antal Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan conducts an annual general labour market survey for all industries. You can request it free of charge on our website.

Case study:

A pharmaceutical company struggled to find a person to fill the position of Marketing Director for nearly a year, because the salary rate seemed unacceptable to any qualified candidate.

Then, Antal Kazakhstan examined the salaries offered by other companies for similar positions, and a bigger budget was negotiated with the head office. The right person was hired in two months. After a year of unsuccessfully trying to hire a Marketing Director Antal Kazakhstan was able to give a Pharmaceutical client insight into the expected salary for roles in this industry. They found that they were offering an uncompetitive salary package, once this was adjusted in line with expectation they successfully recruited within two months.