Mass Recruitment

We carry out mass recruitment projects all over Kazakhstan.

We can help with mass recruitment

  • Are you opening a new facility, store, call center?
  • Do you need to close many positions of the same type?
  • Due to the increased volume of work, you need personnel in a short time?
  • Do you employ a large number of seasonal workers?
  • Do you need a large number of employees for entry level positions?

Antal can help you with mass recruitment in the following areas:

  1. Retail: salespersons, cashiers, merchandisers, promoters, handymen.
  2. Logistics: drivers, database operators, operators, pickers, controllers, loaders, storekeepers.
  3. Administrative positions: secretaries, department assistants, call center operators.
  4. Manufacturing: fitters, turners, assemblers.
  5. Hotels and restaurant business: waiters, maids, porters.