Smooth dismissal without any reputation and financial losses

You want to fire an employee. However, you are concerned that feeling offended, the person will spread confidential or negative information about the company. In a situation like that, other employees start feeling unsafe, and their loyalty and performance decrease.

Antal Kazakhstan helps your former employees to find new jobs:

  • Updating CV, cover letter, and social media profiles
  • Developing job search strategy, screening vacancies and sending CV
  • Rendering support in negotiations with employers

With this service, you will be able to reach an agreement with your employee, reduce dismissal compensation, and separate at least on neutral terms. Other employees will appreciate the level of support rendered by the company in a challenging situation.

Case study:

Due to restructuring, one of the oldest team members was laid off. He devoted 10 years to the company and was outraged by such decision of the management. The impending job search was most stressful for him.

The company went to Antal. Our consultant prepared a new CV representing the applicant’s age as an advantage, helped to create an attractive LinkedIn profile, recommended to delete ambiguous posts in Facebook, and trained him for complicated interview questions, in particular concerning the reasons for leaving the previous employment. The employee found a new job and maintained friendly relationship with the company.

Antal Kazakhstan processes over 300 vacancies daily. Your project will be managed by a consultant specializing in a respective market segment or functional area. We will consult your employees quickly and efficiently and give them access to suitable vacancies.

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