Specialist recruitment

Finding employees for entry-level positions is not an easy task. Numerous resumes look alike, and worthy candidates are quickly selected by other employers.

Our approach to selecting specialists:

We act as a filter for you. On average, out of 300-400 candidates to meet with you, we will select 5 candidates who fully meet your requirements and are ready to start working.

We guarantee that you will receive your first candidates within 1-3 days.

Even for entry-level positions, we use:

  • Individual interviews;
  • Case system;
  • Elements of competency-based interviews;
  • Reference collection and verification.

We fill entry-level positions in all professional fields:

  • Sales: Sales Representative, Regional Manager, Sales Specialist, Sales Development Specialist, Store Director, Sales Manager, Territorial Representative, Analyst.
  • Marketing / Advertising / PR: Junior brand manager, Community specialist, SMM, Trade marketing specialist, Visual merchandising specialist.
  • Finance / Accounting: Accountant, Planning Specialist, Analyst, Auditor’s Assistant, Finance Specialist, Accountant’s Assistant.
  • Transport / Warehouse / Logistics: Customer service specialist, Logistics coordinator, Purchasing specialist, Warehouse coordinator.
  • Manufacturing: Electrical Engineer, Service Engineer, Line Operator, Shift Supervisor / Shift Operator, Quality Specialist, Certification Specialist.
  • Law: Junior Lawyer, Paralegal.
  • HR: Administrative and HR Assistant, Recruiter, HR Specialist, Assistant/Department Coordinator, Analyst, Personnel Administration Specialist.
  • IT: Help Desk Assistant, System Administrator, Analyst, Test Engineer.
  • Administrative Practice:: Secretary, Evening Secretary, Interpreter, Office Administrator, Office Manager, Assistant/Department Coordinator, Personal Assistant, Personal/Office Driver, Travel-coordinator, Administrative Assistant, Legal Secretary.

We guarantee that you will receive your first candidates within 1-3 days.

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