Specialist recruitment

Finding employees for entry-level positions is not an easy task. Numerous resumes look alike, and worthy candidates are quickly selected by other employers.

Our approach to recruitment

Our approach to selecting specialists

Our approach to selecting specialists:

We act as a filter for you. On average, out of 300-400 candidates to meet with you, we will select 5 candidates who fully meet your requirements and are ready to start working.

We guarantee that you will receive your first candidates within 1-3 days.

Even for entry-level positions, we use:

  • Individual interviews;
  • Case system;
  • Elements of competency-based interviews;
  • Reference collection and verification.

We fill entry-level positions in all professional fields:

  • Sales: Sales Representative, Regional Manager, Sales Specialist, Sales Development Specialist, Store Director, Sales Manager, Territorial Representative, Analyst.
  • Marketing / Advertising / PR: Junior brand manager, Community specialist, SMM, Trade marketing specialist, Visual merchandising specialist.
  • Finance / Accounting: Accountant, Planning Specialist, Analyst, Auditor’s Assistant, Finance Specialist, Accountant’s Assistant.
  • Transport / Warehouse / Logistics: Customer service specialist, Logistics coordinator, Purchasing specialist, Warehouse coordinator.
  • Manufacturing: Electrical Engineer, Service Engineer, Line Operator, Shift Supervisor / Shift Operator, Quality Specialist, Certification Specialist.
  • Law: Junior Lawyer, Paralegal.
  • HR: Administrative and HR Assistant, Recruiter, HR Specialist, Assistant/Department Coordinator, Analyst, Personnel Administration Specialist.
  • IT: Help Desk Assistant, System Administrator, Analyst, Test Engineer.
  • Administrative Practice:: Secretary, Evening Secretary, Interpreter, Office Administrator, Office Manager, Assistant/Department Coordinator, Personal Assistant, Personal/Office Driver, Travel-coordinator, Administrative Assistant, Legal Secretary.

We guarantee that you will receive your first candidates within 1-3 days.

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